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Casterton, Victoria

The Kelpie and Sheep at the town entrance

Photo 15/01/2009
Photo and information submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Casterton - home of the Australian Kelpie!

The town of Casterton is renowned for the Australian Kelpie Muster, held annually over the June Long Weekend, it showcases the amazing talents and abilities of Kelpies and their owners in a range of events and competitions.

The magnificent farming area surrounding Casterton, takes in the picturesque nearby towns of Wando Vale and Wando Bridge, on the Casterton-Chetwynd Rd. And parallel to that, along the Casterton-Apsley Rd (who some mistakenly call Casterton-Naracoorte Rd), is the historic pastoral runs of Nangeela, Roseneath, Warrock, Dergholm, and Warrock, the latter containing historical buildings of the 1800's.
Just short of Apsley, there are the huge boulders to visit at Bailey's Rocks, whilst the Dergholm-Chetwynd Rd area, boasts the worlds largest millable sized Red Gum Tree: Bilston's Tree. Indeed, Casterton, with its rivaled Turf Racing Track and facilities, is a terrific central place to embark on a lot of interesting, historical, and picturesque outings.

In the neighbourhood:
Coleraine (25km), Harrow (50km)

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