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Coolah, New South Wales

Its Sunday afternoon and all is well in Coolah.

Photo 08/11/2008
Photo and caption submitted by Glenn Ryan, Many Thanks

Coolah is confident that it is the home of the 'Black Stump'and that it was here that the colloquial saying "beyond the black stump", meaning "beyond civilisation" is said to have originated. A replica Black Stump and rest area has been established 9 kilometres from Coolah to mark its historic location.

The town can fight that one out with a couple of other towns including Blackall in central Queensland, over 1000 kilometres west of Brisbane where surveyors used a stump to rest their equipment and the story goes that before long people considered anything west of Blackall to be - beyond the black stump

In the neighbourhood:
Binnaway (44km), Cassilis (32km), Dunedoo (37km), Premer (45km), Tambar Springs (54km), Ulan (51km)

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