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  • Golden Mail, The (Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Kambalda, Norseman, Leonora, Menzies, Coolgardie, Southern Cross)
  • Goldfields Express (Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Coolgardie, Kambalda, Norseman, Leonora, Laverton and Leinster.
    Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Coolgardie, Kambalda, Norseman, Leonora, Laverton and Leinster. Esperance)


  • Kalgoorlie Miner (Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Leonora, Laverton, Kambalda, Leinster, Menzies, Coolgardie, Norseman and Esperance.)


  • Norseman Today
    The Norseman Today Community Newspaper Group Inc is a volunteer community newspaper servicing the Shire of Dundas (Norseman to the WA/SA border , the Shire of Dundas and subscribers.

    Localities include Norseman, Eucla, Madura, Balladonia, Cocklebiddy, Caiguna, Mundrabilla, Widgiemooltha) more»

Norseman, Western Australia

Camel Sculptures, Norseman
Photo 11/08/2007

Photos and information submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Norseman marks the western end of the long trip across the Nullarbor, and provides a choice of heading north to Kalgoorlie or south to Esperance.
Given the name in 1894 when a horse by the name of Norseman litterly stumbled onto gold. Thought to be lame, Laurie Sinclair discovered his horse had stood on a lump of gold bearing quartz, caught in the horse's hoof..... and the rest is history!

The town offers travelers all they need, and there is a handy lookout just on the eastern edge of town at Beacon Lookout which gives observers a great chance to see celar across town to Lake Cowan well into the distance. The town also features many tin sculptures of camels, in memory of the many camel trains that traveled the area long before road-trains evolved as a means of transport.

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