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Broken Hill, New South Wales

A true blue Ozzie miner with a passion for sharing the history of the town.

Photo Gary Pope

The City of Broken Hill is the largest regional centre in the western half of New South Wales.

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In the neighbourhood:
Cockburn (46km), Mount Gipps (14km), Quondong (48km), Silverton (23km)

Pubs in Broken Hill, New South Wales »

  • Rising Sun Hotel
    Rising Sun Hotel The hotel was established 28/07/1888 and from 1882 it was also...
  • Northern Hotel
    Northern Hotel Established 30/04/1890 as the Brewers Arms Hotel and the name was...
  • Malenrouge Hotel Motel
    Malenrouge Hotel Motel The Hotel was established as the Masonic Hotel 27/04/1888....
  • Palace Hotel (The)
    The Palace Hotel Closed? Reopened as the Palace Hotel first week of february...
  • Broken Hill Hotel
    Broken Hill Hotel The Hotel was established 22/10/1886 as the Exchange Hotel,...
  • West Darling Hotel
    West Darling Hotel The Hotel was established 13/04/1886 as the Broken Hill Hotel,...

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